Back in the beginning of 2018 LOVANDA: released their album AVOCADO. It was during the time we have been already hanging out and felt the connection. Universal Playground SOUND has many forms and we loved what are these two artists doing with music, but they had something more to offer. They open this album for other musicians and producers to give it different vibe, different energy. As Pasha says:

“In the beginning we planned to do the remix album , because the rhythm is incredible. I mean that our song with ,for example ,120 bpm can be like house rhythm , and in this time it can be jazz , future beats, original hiphop rhythms in double timing .. It’s too interesting for producers and dancers . Yes , this album was more for deejays, dancers, designers, music lovers and other creative people from all over the world . If you are a deejay , you can play at the party’s … If u a dancer, u can paractice your steps with this songs . Universal Playground is a culture movement , this is why we do that but as well , this collaboration was a promo for new very very juicy album , that we will released in the beginning of new year ! Say tuned at Universal Playground world !