To wrap up the year 2018 we would like to share some very important videos and documentaries connected to the ocean.

When we decided to have 2018 in an ocean theme, we were aware of global warming, illegal fishing, plastic pollution, industrial pollution, ice melting, permafrost and many more issues affecting oceans and the planet we live on. During our events we were trying to point out and spread awareness about it and maybe suggest a smaller or bigger changes everyone could do, to reduce humans negative behaviour towards it. Oceans contain most of our life on the planet, giving the most oxygen and taking over 70% of the Earth surface. Even though it’s basically our main source of life we know very little about it, less than 5% of the oceans have been explored. There are many many people who dedicated their lives to higher good so we would love to add our 2 cents to this conscious revolution as well, so at the end of the article, you will find some of the solutions that have been already put in work.

At our events, we encouraged reduction or stop usage of plastic straws, invited speakers to talk about the issues of coral bleaching or illegal fishing, created an installation that was trying to make humans experience the plastic pollution in the oceans. Our lives changed and its due to information we were exposed to during our research on this topic. That’s why we want to share some of the important videos and documentaries connected to the ocean. We believe that the change starts within each and every individual, so let’s start the change.

The Mermaids’ Tears: Oceans of Plastic

Bottled Life: Nestle’s Business with Water

Chasing coral

The Unexpected Threat To Greenland’s Melting Glaciers

Garbage island

Indonesia’s Most Polluted River


Sea Life Savers: Illegal fishing off Gabon

Introduction to PLASTIC FREE LIVING: How To Cut Out 80% of Your Plastic Use in a Few Easy Steps

The Crazy Solution For Keeping The Melting Arctic Frozen

How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan Slat at TEDxDelft

We hope that this would spark interest and lead you to a more conscious way of living and understanding the bigger picture. It certainly made us think twice about our daily routines.