Wow, what a weekend it was!  Starting up in the beautiful Austrian mountains with unforgettable scenery to capital city club vibe.

Waterfalls and birthday cake and hot springs. Sounds from Estère, taking us for a ride into her magical universe. All together with our friends in the community. A night soon to forget! Flavourama happy birthday once more! What a pleasure to be such a big part of your celebration. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Congrats to everyone who participated at the battle, the vibe was amazing filled whit many powerful moments.

To end the week with the Universal Playground afterparty was just magical. Thank you Tijo Aimé for taking us to higher heights with your music! Nobody wanted to go home! Shout out to LOVANDA: for always being such creative inspiration and support. We love you! Artist3 your family thank you for sharing your vibes with us.

UniP team you make this work without you this wouldn’t be on the level it is. You are the best! 

Thanks to everyone in the community for diving deep with us, the trust and the support means the world. We created this space for all of us to vibe together it’s nothing without you. Soooo….

When they go sleep we go deep

Video by Bruno Papić :

Photos #bybarbs:

Universal Playground x Flavourama Bday Bash

Universal Playground SALZBURG Analog

Universal Playground SALZBRUG 2018