We have been planning to make this happen for quite some time, to finally have this amazing, unique and standing out Dj at our event. His way of creating the mood or the way he can guide the party and take you on a journey of sound is simply amazing. 

Tijo Aimé will be part of the line up of Universal Playground SALZBURG along with Bj Piggo, Artist3 and Niki Awandee. It will be our second time coming to city of Mozart and throwing our type of party, all thanks to our good connections with girls from Flavourama Battle (dance event). This time we wanted to bring that deep house club experience, you know that type of freedom you can only find thru the power carefully selected house music, when the people embody the music, where the energy rides through your body like ocean waves and the place becomes open for self-expression.

I am passionate about Deep House in all its shades whether Soul, Techno or Afro. I can as much play novelties, sounds at the forefront of the underground as the classics, which are not necessarily the classics of everyone but rather mine. My musical universe is not restricted to a single color.

Tijo Aimé

If you want to explore his music visit his SoundCloud or Atmosphere Project website.

Bathed in Hip Hop culture from an early age with big brothers DJ and dancers, it is at the beginning of the 90’s that he discovers the House music with the first releases of Hip-house which arouse his curiosity. Already a dancer Hip Hop, it is a few years later that he comes to House Dance and naturally takes a close interest in the music that inspired this movement. He then hooks up on Nova radio and becomes addicted to the broadcasts of Dj Deep, in the wake he pushes the door of record stores and begins to collect the vinyls and forge his own House culture.

In 1998, his dancing career took him to New York where accustomed Parisian clubs, he suffered real shock. He discovers a cosmopolitan universe where genres and people communicate around music. Back in Paris, nostalgic for this vibe and determined to find her, he takes the initiative to federate and sensitize a nucleus of dancers still neophytes around the club culture where according to him is the real essence of the House, all making sure to always invite an increasingly large audience.

He created the Spirit N’move project at Wax then launched the evening Amosphère in 2004 whose first guests are Deep and Rork who are enthusiastic to find the atmosphere of New York clubs and this new phenomenon in Paris, volunteer and do not hesitate not to give him their support.

The Atmosphère evenings will then travel in several clubs: Saint-arnaud (Rexy), Babalu, Fabrique, Java, Behind the scenes and finally Djoon

He will play alongside Culoe de song, Kyle Hall, Jay Scarlett, Floating Point, Manoo, Deep Dj, Arno E Matthew, Osunlade … and more recently Marcellus Pittman, Theo Parrish and Omar’s, Gifted Blessed …

In parallel, we have seen him play at Subsoil in Sweden, Luner and Cita club in Japan, at the Bugz in the Attic Patterns in London, Rex, Concrete and the Weather festival.