For our very first interview, we invited our good friend Lala Salimova. Coming from Yekaterinburg (Russia) as a child of a Fireman (Father) and a Kindergarten Teacher (Mother). She grew up in a loving family surrounded by a lot of nature, playing and creating toys with it, even using leaves as money. Fast forward, Lala and her boyfriend Pasha created a group called LOVANDA:, moved to Moscow and slowly but surely making they way to the world of music.

Besides that, Lala is creating beautiful jewelry called Laloka Styla. We asked her several questions to get to know her art a little deeper. Why does nature play such a big role in her life and what is her jewelry made of? Find it out in our first Universal Playground STORIES with Laloka Styla:



© Nicol Lieskovská, Universal Playground Festival

© Laloka Styla

© Laloka Styla, Romderful.