Universal Playground what is it? What can it be? What can it add? What can it take? What can it bring? What can it create? What can it destroy?

I believe UniP can destry bounderies we set up for ourselfs and inbetween eachother. The atmosphere of UniP can break them down and keep them away and even make you forget they even exsisted. The biggest gift is to be able to create that for ourselfs and others. A loving creative moment that can last forever if its influencial/intense/affective enough the love can stay in our hearts forever and create new moments from this place of love.

How do we make that happen?

By bringing together powerful beeings and let them shed their light on the project. Let the project bring out the best in them, give them a space to shine, dig deep into their craft and share it with likminded “likevibrational” people. Boost the artist light and abilities so they can shine brighter and clearer and even more beautiful than ever before. Same thing with the guests make them feel comfortable, inspired, relaxed and challenged. Bring out their creativity, the one that sleeps and just comes out during happy hours. The one that can create magic, the alchemist part of each being that excisit weather they know it or not. I want to wake that in people, wake so intensly that it will never go back to sleep. Just stay in a state of creation, giving to yourself, others and the world.

I believe we need to show eachother and remind eachother of who we really are and what we really can be. Its my hopes that this event pushes its participants in that direction. Create a platform for these magical people to meet and to create.

Where: Bratislava, Slovakia

Why there: Because Piggo lives there….its in the middle of Europe. Easy to get there pretty cheap by car, train, buss or flight. Its a very cheap country so its easy for guests to survive going there. Cheap for us to create the festival there. The dance scene is full of interesting beings that we wanna fule and treat.

Im hoping the wonderful deep creators from all over the world will come. And that we set this off in a good scale not too much not too little. We will fish them in in with the sound, sounds explain in a different way and can reach places words cant. Same thing with images it can also tell a different story than words. Create a UniP music library and UniP photo album!

Universal Playground is a colourful platform where creatives meet to express and inspire each other. With dance as our tool and music as our veichle we sail into new worlds and dimensions where norms get challenged and free thinking is flowing and love is the over all ruler.

A place where the creative mind is in focus and the physical body in exploration and each moment is a possibility for rebirth. Will you catch it?

Universal Playground is founded by Niki Tsappos and Tomas Chalupsson. two creative and passionate beings who have been circling the globe a couple of times, enjoyed its fruits and flowers. We have been flowing and growing at the playground for sometime now and collected inspiration from all corners of the world.

We are now excited to share what we’ve learned and believe in on the Universal Playground Festival.

Universal Playground is based in Sweden and Slovakia we want to host a similar kind of event in both countries to strengthen and inspire the dancescene in these places and around the world. We are open to collaborate with other festivals/events to spread the vibrations from the playground. A Universal Playground Party is an experience on its own, with a carefully chosen selection of music and decorations it could take any event to the next realm.