Universal Playground & Flavourama Battle connected, to bring you experience beyond your imagination.

? Lucas Benjamin ??
? Artist3 ??
? Bj Piggo ??
? Niki Awandee ??
? Dj Cosmic ??
Lets start with the “big bang” of Universal Playground SOUND. Coming from Bratislava, having heart in Sweden and taking influences from all of the universe. Salzrburg, we bring you Bj Piggo ?

Representing his hometown Salzburg, funk music and party rocking, curently gaining experience in far east Russia – Yekaterinburg, we are very excited to have Dj Cosmic in our line up ?✨?

Allow us to reveal first special guest for Universal Playground NIGHT. Saturday is all about good party and good music and who else would deliver it, then Lucas Benjamin himself. STYLE is his main characteristic and we can not wait to be delighted with his presence and his music selection. ??

Fresh tunes will be served to you on friday’s Universal Playground LIVE, to get u in the mood and create the atmospher, by our good friend Artist3 from Slovakia. He understands what Universal Playground SOUND is and we are very pleased to have him guide you thru the night. ??

la:lee bloom & AFRIKA WONDA is LOVANDA:. Duo of increadible artists from far east Russia – Yekaterinburg. Both making music and both using their voices on mic. Together, they are creating very special and honest connection with music, universe and themselves. Come to experience their energy to Universal Playground LIVE on friday. ?✨?

What it would be for a party without the voice, that makes you feel welcome, that evokue colors, moods ormemories. Voice, that knows exactly, how to present each moment with grace, every artist with love and respect. Ladies and gentlemen, Niki Awandee – Creator of Universal Playground Movemet. ??