Do you trust your skillz and knowledge enough to let them go and flow on their own, allow them to take you where you haven’t been before?
Can you show up and be ready for anything?
Catch and create the moment….?
Universal Playground Affairs is a meeting for creatives, a place to discover and unfold personal creativity. Where connecting with yourself and the moment is the main focus.
We invite 6 creative beings/dancers from the world to the Playground to explore and challenge their creativity through movement. They will during the party on Friday pick out their top 8 dancers to join them on stage the next day.
Dancers from all styles are welcome to partake in the Universal Playground Affairs.
The 8 dancers picked from the party preselection will battle 1vs1 battles, the 4 winners stays to join the invited guests.
During the Affairs each dancer will receive creative challenges and tasks to explore through their creative mind, vision and body. Examples of these tasks could be make a solo only using 1 body part, if the floor was a drum what would you play, never repeat your movement….and so on.
Each moment will be something unique nothing will be practiced or rehearsed all in the name of freestyle.

We believe there is magic in the unknown, let’s allow these tasks to open up the gates to your unknown worlds.

17/2 – Friday Preselcetion will be held during the Universal Playground Night. It will be a club preselection held on the dance floor, the judges will walk around the party picking their top 8 dancers. Location: Nu Spirit Club
18/2 Saturday Universal Playground Affairs will be held on stage during the evening. Location: Ateliér Babylon