Coming from Berlin, London and Hamburg, these three vinyl-only DJs, will rock the Friday’s NIGHT party in Nu Spirit Club with their premium selection of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Naughty NMX, Runex and Jim Sharp as Dusty Donuts. As they claim:

“We Believe in the power of a well curated set by an experienced DJ, rather than to be everybody’s darling with no personla note”

Let us introduce to you,

Naughty NMX

began his DJ career back in the early 90s in Berlin, where he had his first Club gigs and worked his way up to being a real DJ/ Producer. His love for music, especially Rap, Funk and Soul developed in his mid-teens when he used to spend all his money on imported vinyls.

He moved on to playing and producing Drum and bass in the mid-90s, working and performing with many of the big names in the scene. Naughty NMX aka DJ Sebel owned the label Machine with his mate Bassface Sascha and partook in radioshows and many collaborations.

His time in London NMX spent doing production work, clubgigs and holding his radioshow on Kool FM before moving back to his hometown Hamburg in 2013.

He since has not stopped being busy DJing in Clubs and Bars around town, making a comeback for himself and launched the Back To Skool Events in Kleiner Donner with Plattenmayer in early 2014.

He is founding member of the Dusty Donuts Label and since involved in the 45s game.

His style is straight forward Hip Hop with a healthy dash of Funk breaks and Soul vibes, not afraid to brush on Disco, Oldschool and a little Reggae.


Runex is a Berlin Hip Hop pioneer who started breakdancing in 1883 , inspired by his brother and the movie ‘Wildstyle’.

Since 1985 he is a DJ who has influenced the german Hip Hop scene through from an very early stage on with some of his projects like ‘Rock Da Most’, many Hip Hop Jams, Juiceful Records (Islamic Force, Cheeba Garden) and many more.

He has a vast collection spanning from Funk via Oldschool Rap to Classic Hip Hop and is a founding member of the Dusty Donuts imprint.

His style is smooth and sophisticated, yet always dancefloor orientated.

Jim Sharp

Jim Sharp grew up on a steady diet of East Coast Hip Hop during the 90’s in the Toronto area. He started playing records under the tutelage of local kings of the turntables. Years of practicing took him and his stickered up record box into bars, clubs and raves.
In 2003 Jim moved to London, UK and began the process again from scratch. Putting in more work on the decks than ever and teaching himself how to produce music, everyday was a hustle. After gaining residencies throughout London and a radio show on Itch FM, he started releasing records under the moniker J.Bold.
With evolving and maturing musical tastes, Jim returned to the essence of Hip Hop – Funk and Soul. Releasing seminal mixtapes Straighten It Out Vol 1 & 2 and dozens of edits and remixes, Jim took his music back to vinyl with humble expectations but great results. Joining forces with the Dusty Donuts crew from Germany, Jim has released more than half a dozen 45’s over the past two years championing his trademark remix and production style !

He since took his passion for deejaying to a new level, rockin’ crowds with sets full of dope cuts and mixes and a big smile on his face.
Jim has worked alongside deejays such as Skratch Bastid, Mr Thing, Jazzie B, Kon, Rich Medina and acts such as Pharoah Monche, Black Sheep, Jeru the Damaja, George Clinton, Mobb Deep.